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"Manyara swells with sensuous symphonies throughout its lavish duration. Terrific textures delicately dance and promenade through the verdant vista. Each element is purposeful and elegant in its delivery. ‘Manyara’s affable yet profound composition is perfectly suited for a relaxing evening, or an in depth production case study. Kendl’s musical aptitude balances approachable and introspective electronica, and is a testament to his production prowess."


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"Ella is the first taste of a new two-side release due shortly - Ella/Manyara - and it's one bound to impress, uniting these shimmering synth melodies with a driving percussion backbone to create this almost UK Garage-comparable sound, finding the rushing energies of a Jon Hopkins production and stripping it right away to its fundamentals; an effective move that stops things from becoming too messy."  


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